Clearing your house: Testimonial


Hi Joe,

I wanted you to know that since I used the techniques as you explained them (December 3), our beloved cottage by the river has been free of noxious energies of all kinds and of the native American earthbound souls as well. There hadn't been a time in the fifteen months we'd had the place that it was ever free of detrimental energies, and we were looking at having to sell it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me yet again of how powerful we are if we only know it. It's ironic, because I've had a successful healing practice for two years now - after having healed myself of multiple sclerosis - and, still, I didn't suppose that I could move earth energies - not being particularly "earthy" myself. But I can! Blessings to you and your huge heart, which warms the list daily, Susan